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TPA has produced work for a wide variety of different clients.
TPA can work in the International arena more information can be found on Linkedin.

What We Do

TPA focuses on developing growth strategies focussing on innovation, strategic planning, marketing and business process management, public relations and organisational change.

We are also involved with corporate finance providers, developing business plans and helping source private and institutional funding.

TPA can assist your business in a number of key areas;

  • Developing Professional Business Plans – either from scratch or giving it that extra ‘polish’ before you present it to an institutional investor
  • Vision Creation – The TPA Vision Creation programme is designed to assist companies create a common vision of future business success. This vision is then broken down into its constituent parts in order that the vision can become the reality
  • Business Process Analysis – Having efficient business processes is key to driving efficiency from your business. TPA can work inside your business so you can evaluate the ‘bigger picture’
  • Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking – Making an objective analysis of your market positioning against not just your competitors but also best in class can give you that competitive edge
  • Marketing Planning / PR – TPA has many years of experience of developing and implementing robust marketing and public relations plans
  • Communications – TPA can help you communicate with your customers, with your staff and with the public. We have great experience in developing effective and motivational business speeches and presentations, but can also produce an entire conference for you – literally everything from booking the venue to organising the auto-cues
  • Copywriting - TPA has great experience in copywriting - be it for brochures, flyers or web copy
  • Franchising - Over the years TPA has worked with several organisations to held them develop their franchise model and define their marketing and recruitment strategy